The Chamber's Ambassador Program

Elevate your engagement with the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber by becoming an Official Ambassador! Join us at chamber events to connect with fellow members and advocate for the benefits you've experienced. As an Ambassador, you'll represent the Chamber by fostering inclusivity, supporting outreach efforts, and championing our mission throughout the community. Apply now to be a vital part of our impactful network!

Our Ambassador Roles

Outreach Support

  • Ambassadors actively engage in outreach efforts, collaborating closely with Outreach Coordinators to extend invitations and build connections with potential members.
    • Making connections with potential members

Event Assistance

  • Ambassadors may take on roles during Chamber signature and networking events, assisting with logistics, welcoming attendees, and ensuring the smooth execution of activities.
    • Assisting with check-in or set up as well as attending tabling. 

Networking Facilitator

  • Ambassadors actively participate in exclusive networking events, facilitating connections, and contributing to the development of a robust and supportive business network.
    • Attending Chamber networking events or other networking events.

Community Advocate

  • Ambassadors serve as advocates for the LGBT business community, promoting the Chamber's initiatives and fostering a positive and inclusive environment.
    • Attending social justice or community building events regarding the LGBTQ+ or attending chamber member events as ambassador. 

Ambassadorial Presence

  • Ambassadors maintain a visible and approachable presence at Chamber events, embodying the welcoming and inclusive spirit of the organization.
    • Attending chamber events and provided waived fees.

Responsibilities & Requirements

  • Monthly Meetings: Meet monthly with an assigned Outreach Coordinator to discuss strategies, updates, and collaboration opportunities.
  • Optional Roles and Duties: Assist with planning and execution of Chamber signature and networking events. Undertake optional roles based on personal strengths and interests.
  • Exclusive Networking Opportunities: Gain access to exclusive networking events to expand professional connections. Leverage opportunities to enhance personal and professional growth.
  • Chamber Representation: Act as a representative of the Chamber at various events and engagements.Contribute to creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

*Membership: Individuals applying should be current Chamber members through their business or organization.

Our Ambassador Program stands as a dynamic opportunity for individuals to actively contribute to our mission of fostering a more inclusive environment for the LGBT business community across Wisconsin. By participating as an Ambassador, you'll not only expand our outreach and strengthen our statewide presence but also play a vital role in boosting membership and participation. With diverse roles, flexible commitments, and an ongoing application process, this program offers an enriching and accessible opportunity for individuals to make a meaningful impact on our collective journey towards inclusivity and empowerment.

Application Process

Applying to become an Ambassador is simple and convenient. Simply submit your applications and our Outreach Coordinators will review your application set up a meeting to discuss your interests and find the best role for you within the program.

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