The Wisconsin LGBT Chamber's Statement on Transgender Medical Care Ban

Statement on Transgender Medical Care Ban

Protecting Wisconsin's Inclusivity and Economic Prosperity

On behalf of our nearly 700 business members from around the state, the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce stands adamantly opposed to the recently introduced Transgender Medical Care Ban Act -- legislation that would threaten Wisconsin's inclusivity and economic prosperity.

Businesses thrive when they champion diversity, equity, and inclusion. Wisconsin's vibrant business community has made significant strides in creating an inclusive environment where all employees, regardless of their gender identity or expression, can bring their authentic selves to work. This is not just a matter of principle; it's a strategic advantage.

The "Help Not Harm Act" puts this progress at risk. By meddling in the private healthcare decisions of transgender and non-binary individuals, it sends a detrimental message that Wisconsin is no longer the welcoming, inclusive state we have been working diligently to become. It damages Wisconsin’s reputation as a hub for innovation, creativity, and economic growth and harms our ability to compete in the marketplace by discriminating against LGBTQ+ individuals. These restrictions would have a chilling effect and prevent Wisconsin businesses from attracting and retaining top talent, who value diversity and inclusion, including skilled medical professionals, who will certainly hesitate to live and work in such a hostile environment.

To our legislators, we implore you to prioritize Wisconsin's economic interests and the principles of diversity and inclusion that have bolstered our state's strength. Do not use the lives of transgender youth as political pawns; instead, focus on securing Wisconsin’s economic advantage by promoting policies that ensure our state is a welcoming and inclusive place for all people.

To our trans community, we want you to know that you are seen, heard, and valued. We stand with you with unwavering support and solidarity in the face of this abhorrent legislation and will continue to advocate for your fundamental human rights to privacy, freedom, and bodily autonomy. Your rights, your dignity, and your safety are non-negotiable. Discrimination and prejudice have no place in Wisconsin, and we will continue to fight for a world where every individual, regardless of gender identity, can live freely and authentically.

We must unite to defeat this harmful legislation and safeguard the values of inclusion, equality, and prosperity that Wisconsin businesses hold dear. We are stronger when we embrace diversity, and we are unwavering in our commitment to creating a Wisconsin where everyone can thrive.

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