Rainbow Route Bingo

Take the scenic route around Wisconsin with our Rainbow Route Bingo activity! Travel around the state and learn more about Chamber members - and discover some you may have never heard of.

How it Works:

  • Download the Bingo card below
  • Make your travel plans to go to as many businesses as you can
  • Follow the instructions for each space
  • Send your photo ops to Jenna and win prizes - and have your Bingo card featured on our social media channels!

After visiting a business, participants are encouraged take a picture at the location and post it on their social media accounts (e.g., Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) using the event's official hashtag, #CheckOutTheChamber and tagging the location of said business. 

Event Prizes: The more businesses you visit and document, the higher your chances of getting a bingo:

  • Posting a picture with #CheckOutTheChamber on social media: Sticker
  • A Straight Line: Chamber tote bag
  • Four Corners: Chamber t-shirt
  • Blackout: Chamber sweatshirt, T-shirt, and tote bag.
    The first black out will receive 2 free tickets to any Hill show provided by the American Players Theater.

Completed bingo cards and photos should be sent to Jenna Sterr in order to claim your prize.

This contest runs from August 1, 2023 to November 1, 2023.

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